3 Incentives to Add Social Media to Your Marketing Mix

2011/11/27 11:02

Social Media has altered the competitive landscape and transformed the manner in which companies should prudently conduct business. The days of traditional marketing and advertising are gone, or at least those avenues no longer provide any kind of substantial ROI. Getting your word out via print, television, and radio no longer engage consumers as in previous times. Social Media platforms need to be integrated into existing marketing strategies, as they will prove to be the engine that gets your message and your brand out in a positive fashion.
These are three of my top reasons businesses should adopt Social Media strategies now in order to compete in today’s marketplace:

1. Print is Virtually Dead (pun intended)

It is a matter of fact that people now predominantly obtain their news online, even if they still get it from the old school powerhouses such as the New York Times. Therefore, it goes without saying, you would want to put your message out where the people are. Think about it…..how often do you have a newspaper delivered to your house or go to a bulky Yellow Pages book to look up something you need?

2. People are on and Look to Social Sites for Information

Social Media sites provide a forum for businesses to entice and engage prospects and that is where your prospects and customers go to learn, interact, and be entertained. Online marketing is the most effective form of marketing and it provides the greatest return on investment as the cost is virtually negligible (pun again intended) when compared to traditional marketing via print, etc. Are you marketing where your prospects are?

3. Your Prospects are Looking for You

Consumers are looking to discover and engage with content and messaging online and they are doing this via Social platforms. You can get your message out there inexpensively by targeting your prospect’s needs and pain points in this forum, thereby emphasizing your relevance and effectiveness with your target audience. And the cost is much less than you are now spending on print, television, radio, or other traditional marketing budgets.

Social Media is about Online Connectivity with Your Audience
If you have not made the move in your marketing allocation to focus on a strong Social Media focus, you need to make the transition NOW!

Social Media, especially when combined with a good SEO strategy, will provide an optimal return on your investment. In addition, a focus on these aspects of your marketing strategy will not only reap the greatest benefits, but will come at a much lower cost than traditional marketing approaches.

Organizations of all sizes, but especially small-to-medium businesses that have been in operation for several years, need to embrace Social Media in their marketing mix and take advantage of the benefits that they can realize NOW.