5 Reasons Businesses Should Care About Social Media

2011/11/07 11:01

Social Media is not a trend. It is a world of Internet, mobile, and electronic tools that facilitate the open sharing and dissemination of information, and ultimately allows people to connect with others. Despite the fact that it can be time consuming, any business today would be foolish to ignore the benefits inherent in Social Networking.

Take a look at just five of the numerous reasons a business should get involved with Social Media and participate in the conversation:

1. Increase Brand Exposure and Awareness

If you want to be proactive in acquiring new customers, maintaining current customers, and rebuilding relationships with former customers, Social Media Marketing is an extremely effective, low-cost way to network with like-minded people already engaged with your product or service who you would not meet in the normal course of business. Participating in the conversation not only gives you the opportunity to provide positivity and value, it allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your field and become a name people trust. Social Media gives you an unprecedented opportunity to communicate and engage with your customers.

2. Learn and Protect

Do you fully understand why people buy your products and services? Active involvement in Social Media provides you with insights into the perception of your brand, your competitors, and your industry. On the other hand, not doing so leaves your brand exposed and vulnerable to misinformation and misperception. Social Media engagement allows you to learn about any negativity early and thereby preemptively address the issue before it can become viral, damage your reputation, and harm your business.

3. Increase Traffic to Your Corporate Website

If your website is the culmination of all you strive to impart regarding your business, you want to drive traffic there from as many avenues as possible. Social Media platforms offer additional opportunities for you to send people to your corporate website and gain conversions. Since the people interacting with you in a Social Media venue are already interested in your organization, product or service, they are extremely well qualified leads. This translates into a greater return on your overall investment.

4. Provide an Informative Option to Your Corporate Website

Corporate websites are somewhat static, unidirectional, and are obviously not perceived as an unbiased source of information about your brand. Potential customers tend to conduct web searches or investigate Social Networks to find out what people are saying about your product or service and will then go to your website to learn about the features or make a purchase. Consider this from your personal experience – when you want to buy something, do you call up the company and ask them if their product is any good, or do you ask friends for advice or do a Google search? Social media allows companies to take on the role of a friend!

5. Reduce Your Overall Marketing Expenses

You and your organization have a limited amount of time and money. Traditional businesses need to connect and understand their customers in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible. Social Media platforms offer a low cost and effective opportunity to market your products and services. Their algorithms filter both the data and users to pair the most relevant audience with the most pertinent information. And Cost per Click fees are lower and estimated clicks can be higher than those experienced on Google. Social Media Marketing is an extremely economical choice compared to traditional advertising.

Social Media is about Connection and Communication
Social media is not a temporary trend, soon to be passé. Rather, it is a phenomenon, changing the way we do business. Social Media platforms facilitate communication, connect people, and enhance information sharing. These are all essential element to a successful business. Social Networking has caused a shift in power from the supplier to the consumer.

Successful brands around the world have accepted this transformative change and started building communities instead of preaching to an audience. They are empowering their customers and creating brand ambassadors that share interests and values similar to those of the brand. It is time to embrace change and take advantage of all that Social Media has to offer in order to join the conversation and empower your business to become more successful.