7 Reasons You Need a Social Media Manager Now!

2011/11/01 09:00

When marketing your business online (or even offline for that matter), it can be daunting dealing with everything you need to address in order to be successful. Marketing online can be particularly overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with social platforms. That is precisely why a Social Media Manager will serve you well. Being active in the Social Media world, I have noticed how many people are virtually engulfed with the tasks of merely checking messages (and I am just referencing direct messages on Twitter and Facebook, two of the more popular platforms).

It is important for business people to market in different Social Media outlets, but the process can be trying if you are unaware of where to begin, how to keep it all controlled, or just don’t have the time to keep it organized. A Social Media Manager can rescue you from the clutter, disorganization, and complete feeling of inundation these initiatives can cause.

Let’s explore seven reasons why you need a Social Media Manager now!

1. Social Media Clean Up

We are available to clean up your inbox or the direct messages you receive on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. All too often, your inbox can become inundated with useless information, so I clean it up for you and leave the important items for you to view at your leisure. There are programs that can be applied to do this for you, but it is best to have a human eye determine what is spam and what may be important information. Too often spam programs cannot distinguish between an automatic direct message and a ‘real’ message and will delete all of them. Have you ever found pertinent messages in your spam folder or spam in your inbox?

2. System Development

We will sit down with you and help develop systems that work for you. Many organizations need information researched on a continual basis and we are proficient at that. Timely research feeds into the content development that we will disseminate across your social media platforms as you deem necessary. The point is to create a system that works within your time constraints.

3. Status Updates

We will post pre-approved status updates in your voice to make this tedious task easier for you. We research content via blogs and articles that may pertain to your niche and post accordingly. Too often, this is where the deluge occurs. It is almost impossible to do all the research, do the posts, and maintain your business, and we can help.

4. Application Investigation

The digital age is ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest gadget that can help you with your Social Media success. Koebalt Blue will investigate the different tools available that may apply to the different Social Media outlets. Depending on your business needs, some may or may not work and instead of doing the trial-and-error yourself, we can do it for you.

5. Determine the Best Platforms

A fast-paced client may enjoy Twitter but will be missing a large avenue or potential on Facebook or LinkedIn, or vice versa. We can monitor your profiles on other outlets to help expand the exposure that is necessary in the online world. The same applies to your offline business if you are trying to get more exposure online via any Social Media platforms. We do all the digging and research so you don’t have to.

6. Cost Effective Medium

In today’s economy, social media is a more cost effective approach to gaining new and maintaining current revenue than traditional marketing and advertising methods. Many businesses do not have the knowledge or time to invest in a Social Media presence and are now more concerned with staying solvent than engaging in Social Media initiatives. What most don’t realize is dedicating focus and energy to Social Media is one of the most cost effective ways an organization can stay one step ahead of the competition….which translates to the need for a Social Media Manager.

7. Transparent Ongoing Maintenance

All too often you may feel that you are not being authentic if you are not answering all the ‘tweets’ or messages on the different social media platforms. Let me stress that I do not post anything that you have not already approved or sent to me in advance. We are here to support the digital relationship and engagement that is necessary for you to succeed in the online world.

Even if you have a cursory knowledge of the technological aspects of Social Media, you probably do not have the time necessary to devote to the social media functionality. Instead of trying to do it all on your own, let Koebalt Blue help you. Any businessperson from any field can benefit from a Social Media Marketing expert. I can help from posting articles on your blog to researching content to be shared on your choice of Social Media platforms.

In essence, with Koebalt Blue as your Social Media Manager, I will take all the headaches and incapacitation off your shoulders. I will collaborate with you and help you with all the technological nuances that you may or may not have time or inclination to learn. Again, transparency is not an issue, because I will never post anything that is not pre-approved or given to me prior to posting. Koebalt Blue will merely make you more successful and your life easier.

The point is to allow someone else to do the tedious work or the work that takes too much time away from your core business focus.

Finally, if you are inclined to venture out, remember to have fun on the different social media platforms. Reach out to people and share your business, your vision, your service or product. It does not have to be overwhelming, but if that time comes, know that Koebalt Blue is here to help you.