Patty KoebeleI have been working in the technology and security arena since 1998, and I am taking that experience and translating it into the Social Media environment in order to help organizations realize their goals of success in the digital age.

As much as I love my work and feeding the mental and intellectual aspects of my personality, I try to keep my life balanced by incorporating a strong focus on physical fitness via Pilates, Yoga, Turbo Kick, Body Sculpting and other classes in my downtown neighborhood, in addition to the Hike & Bike Trail, constantly available due to the wonderful weather we enjoy because we live in Austin, Texas!

I have a passion for helping others realize additional success in their business. Koebalt Blue is the vehicle through which I will realize that aspiration. Regardless of the market in which you operate or the size of your business, Koebalt Blue will enhance your brand awareness and ultimately increase your revenue goals and improve your bottom line.

Many organizations are hard-pressed to find the time and resources to effectively deal with day-to-day operations (much less engage in Social Media), and whether you own a successful, well-established business or are just getting started, if you are not using Social Media to connect, you are missing out on an excellent way to attract and retain customers. Koebalt Blue will take on this the burden and helps businesses promote themselves and maintain a solid, positive presence and reputation via Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Maintaining a presence on Social Media platforms will allow you to grow your business by not only spreading your message to a new audience, but also by increasing customer loyalty. Social Media Marketing enhances traditional marketing efforts by deepening your relationship with your customers and allowing them to share your content with their networks in order to gain new customers. With Koebalt Blue you actually gain word-of-mouth marketing for the digital age.

Focus on Your Business; We’ll Focus on Your Brand!